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A Beech Crash-Lands on the Beach

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In what was certainly a terrible St. Patrick’s Day event, a Beechcraft V-35 Bonanza crash-landed on a beach in northeastern Long Island. The two onboard both walked and/or waded away with minor injuries, according to reports. The mishap was recorded by a person walking their dog on the beach.

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The sequence started with the plane, landing light on, approaching, its retractable wheels still up in the wells, and as it crossed the ridgeline that runs along the shore, the plane begins to descend more quickly, at an apparently slow airspeed and sinking fairly fast. Just before the plane lands, when it is perhaps 50 feet in the air, the gear comes down that seemed to sharpen its sink rate. Its landing gear extended, the V-tailed Bonanza, a 1966 model, hits hard, the nose gear digging in, and it partially cartwheels, luckily staying upright, as it spins into the water.

The FAA is investigating the mishap. 

Video: No-Engine Beach Landing

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