manhatten at night

This week’s Plane & Pilot Photo of the Week is courtesy of Matt D’Angelo, and while the image the lens captures is pretty magical, the backstory behind the photo is more so.

The subject is, of course, a well-known island on the East Coast and its Tri-State surroundings. We looked closely and we are almost certain that you can see the lights on the tree at Rockefeller Center. Matt wrote to us that, “This flight was my first day in the left seat of the Embraer-145 for a regional airline and it was also my birthday!”

He explained what a great day it was: “I spent the morning with my wife, Jean, and the babies. The route was PHL – BTV and I was excited to have a clear view of Manhattan, where our triplets Lucy, Sam and Mary were born and spent time in the NICU just over two years ago. Jean and I would visit them every day and we were so happy when we brought them home, healthy and happy, to the Jersey shore, one by one. They are all healthy and growing quickly! The upgrade to Captain is a blessing for our family!”

Now, that’s a wonderful photo and an even better story behind it! Congrats on all of it, Matt!


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