Aircraft Powerplants, Eighth Edition

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51EtANUimaL - Aircraft Powerplants, Eighth Edition

The most thorough, current guide to airplane powerplants

Totally revised to cover the current industry developments, , , prepares you for certification as an FAA powerplant specialist according to the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). This reliable content has been updated to reflect current adjustments in FAR Part 147.

This brand-new edition attributes expanded protection of turbine-engine theory and also nomenclature; present designs of turbofan, turboprop, and also turboshaft engines; and also updated information on turbine-engine energy, oil, and ignition systems Vital information on just how individual parts and systems run together is incorporated throughout the text. Clear pictures of numerous elements and a full-color insert of representations as well as systems are included. Review concerns at the end of each chapter allow you to inspect your understanding of the subjects offered in this sensible source.

Plane Powerplants, Eighth Edition, covers: Aircraft powerplant classification as well as progression Reciprocating-engine building and language Internal-combustion engine concept as well as efficiency Lubricants as well as lubricating systems Induction systems, superchargers, turbochargers, and also cooling and exhaust systems Basic fuel systems as well as carburetors Fuel shot systems Reciprocating-engine ignition and also starting systems Operation, inspection, maintenance, and also troubleshooting of reciprocating engines Reciprocating-engine overhaul methods Gas-turbine engine: concept, jet propulsion concepts, engine performance, as well as performances Principal components of a gas-turbine engine, construction, as well as nomenclature Gas-turbine engine: gases as well as fuel systems Turbine-engine lubricants and also lubricating systems Ignition and beginning systems of gas-turbine engines Turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines Gas-turbine procedure, inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance, and overhaul Propeller theory, classification, as well as operation Turbopropellers as well as control systems Propeller installment, evaluation, and also upkeep Engine showing, cautioning, as well as control systems.

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