There are numerous private pilot test preps available, but having the best test prep as a student pilot will prevent you from failing the FAA knowledge test.

It is puzzling for student pilots to see so many suggested private pilot test prep online today. Thus, this post eliminates all confusion in your mind before selecting the best private pilot test prep.

I shared a list of free test preps and paid test preps.

I always prefer the paid test preps because the test preps are inexpensive, considering the cost of flight training and taking the knowledge test multiple times.

Regardless, I will discuss the FREE test prep for private pilot licensing and the inexpensive paid ones. Likewise, how each test prep differs from the others and how to use them to student pilots benefits.

The Free PPL test preps are:

  • Sample Airman Knowledge test questions by FAA;
  • FLY8MA free practice tests;
  • King School’s free private pilot test;
  • Sporty’s free PPL test prep.

The best private pilot test preps are:

  • Rod Machado’s PPL eWorkbook;
  • Gleims test prep book;
  • ASA’s test prep book;
  • FLY8MA’s written test Bootcamp.

Sample Airman Knowledge test questions by FAA.

The name suggests everything. If you want to relate to the FAA PPL knowledge test, there is no better place than the FAA’s website itself.

FAA doesn’t recommend using it as a test prep, but it’s an excellent free resource to start studying for the written test.

FAA provides this free resource to give you an idea of what type of question you will see during your private pilot written test.

However, it is a free resource. It doesn’t have hundreds of questions but is sufficient to start practicing.

Don’t use these free sample questions by FAA as your only source of questions because there is a chance you will fail your ppl knowledge test if you only rely on these sample knowledge test questions.

Find the section where FAA mentions Private pilot airplane questions on the page, and you will have access to 60 questions.

It would be best to use these sample questions from FAA to have a mock test for yourself.

FLY8MA Free private pilot test prep.

FLY8MA provides a free practice test for student pilots. They also have free test prep for instrument rating students.

Unlike the sample questions from FAA, FLY8MA is not a PDF file with questions.

FLY8MA test prep is a tool to take a quiz at your convenient time to test your aeronautical knowledge.

It’s an excellent place to practice and prepare for the FAA knowledge test. Use this quiz to identify the subjects that need revision.

You can’t learn everything as a pilot, but you need to grasp many fundamentals during a private pilot license.

So it is understandable at some point, you can’t remember everything. So taking a quiz like the FLY8MA practice test will enable you to recognize complex subjects.

King School’s private pilot test.

King school also offers private pilot test prep for free. Student pilots can select the number of questions and the subjects to take mock tests.

After selecting a subject and the number of questions, you will have sixty minutes to take the quiz. Once you finish taking the quiz, you will know your score.

King School’s test prep is the best version among the free test preps available online.

You have access to numerous questions, and you can practice answering questions similar to the actual private pilot knowledge test.

However, you might not see any of the same questions from the test prep during your actual exam, but you will find similar questions. If you understand the concept of a topic, you can answer the multiple-choice questions without hesitation.

Sporty’s free ppl test prep.

Sporty’s test prep is not as excellent as King School’s free version of test prep. However, sporty’s has an excellent reputation for creating great content for student pilots.

You can create an account in sporty’s and have access to hundreds of questions in different categories. You have to pick your topic and learn the questions and answers. If you don’t comprehend an issue, you can go back to your studies and revise.

You can pause a study session in sporty’s account and resume studying questions and answers once you log back in.

Lastly, after you finish learning the answers, you can take a mock test similar to the FAA with a blend of questions from multiple subjects. There will be a time limit to complete 60 questions and a score to see if you passed your mocked test or not.

Rod Machado’s PPL eWorkbook.

Rod Machado is a veteran flight instructor and can articulate information for student pilots in an easy way.

Rod Machado doesn’t have a private pilot test prep software. However, he created a workbook, and the workbook is available in PDF format.

Student pilots studying for a private pilot license can use this workbook to prepare for the private pilot knowledge test.

Rod Machado’s study materials are not limited to study only for the FAA exams, but his books are relevant for students worldwide.

I used the workbook together with Rod Machado’s private pilot handbook.

This workbook is different from other PPL test prep software because it contains 1800+ multiple-choice questions and answers that a student pilot may face during the private pilot knowledge test.

The questions in this workbook are not from the FAA questions bank.

The questions in this book are relevant to aeronautical subjects, and Rod Machado designed this workbook to study along with his private pilot handbook.

The workbook also has a reference number next to each question. You can use the reference number to identify which page and chapter of the private pilot handbook discuss the specific topic.

Let’s be honest many student pilots use tests preps to memorize the answers to the questions hoping they will see similar questions and the same answer choices. But FAA discourages student pilots from doing so.

It is essential to understand the subjects and not memorize the answers to pass the knowledge test and, importantly, to become a better pilot.

Rod Machado understood this to design his workbook for student pilots to memorize and learn particular subjects simultaneously.

Gleim’s private pilot test prep book.

Gleim’s test prep books are a popular choice among pilots of all stages.

I used Gleim’s private pilot test prep book to study for my private pilot license written test.

The book has hundreds of questions for student pilots categorized chapters.

If you want to learn the answers to questions about Aviation Weather, you can find the chapter from the table of contents and begin studying aviation weather right away.

Gleim’s PPL test prep book is different from Rod Machado’s eWorkbook. Using Rod Machado’s eWorkbook, you have to refer to his private pilot handbook if you want to find the correct answer. However, Gleim’s private pilot test prep has all the correct answers on the right column of the book.

Next to each multiple-choice question and answer, you can find why the correct answer is right, and the other options are incorrect.

Using this test prep book is an excellent way to comprehend a subject better.

Gleim’s also has a digital version of their book available online. You can subscribe to their tool and download the software to use it on your pc. That way, you can practice answering questions similar to that of the FAA knowledge test.

But there is a downside to their test prep book: student pilots tend to memorize the answers without understanding them. It seems that Gleim’s very much encourages students to remember the answers. Though there is a section where student pilots can understand the subject better, I believe very few students refer to that section.

ASA private pilot test prep bundle.

ASA’s private pilot test prep is similar to Gleim’s test prep. But the best thing about the bundle is it comes with both the physical book and access to ASA’s tet prep software for 24 months.

At only 54.95 USD, the bundle is very affordable.

The question and answer type format books are good for getting used to the questions you will see during your PPL knowledge test.

This PPL test prep bundle has software that you can access for 24 months. The benefit of using the software is to take mock quizzes and test your aeronautical knowledge from anywhere in the world.

As long as you have a device connected to the internet, you can practice taking tests using this bundle regardless of where you reside.

 In most countries around the globe, the private pilot knowledge test questions are similar. Thus if you are taking a private pilot knowledge test in the United States, Philippines, South Africa, or Canada, ASA’s test prep bundle can always prepare you for the knowledge test.

FLY8MA written test boot camp.

FLY8MA written test boot camp is not a private pilot test prep; instead, it is a source to learn questions and answers to the FAA PPL knowledge test.

You can subscribe to the private pilot written test boot camp and access tons of questions. FLY8MA promises that whoever prepares using their boot camp, pass the FAA PPL knowledge test during the first take.

They believe their test prep is educative that the students don’t have to memorize answers.

Student pilots can process the information in their minds so quickly to answer any unseen question during the actual knowledge test. In the boot camp, the student pilots learn the subjects clearly and know what they must do to become a safer pilots.