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EAA has announced big changes to the coming 2021 edition of Oshkosh AirVenture, the world’s biggest airshow, and there will be changes that we surely didn’t anticipate.

In a release shared with Plane & Pilot today, EAA president and chairman Jack Pelton said, “We will be hosting AirVenture 2021, but there will be areas that will look different.”

He added some new details about how EAA will deal with what will likely be a continuing threat from COVID-19. “We’ll incorporate technology to limit touchpoints as we work with local and state health officials to establish and maintain the best possible standards for public events.”

Still, Pelton wanted to share that there will changes. “Some areas,” he said, “may look different at Oshkosh this year, but the feeling will be the same as we gather to celebrate the world of flight.”

If it happens as EAA at this point in time envisions—and Pelton is clear that things are subject to change—here’s a list of changes to the usual airshow that you can expect to see at AirVenture this year, all according to EAA:

  • Masks will be strongly recommended if you are unable to social distance (roughly 6 feet or 2 meters).
  • Proof of COVID vaccine will not be required to attend.
  • International visitation is dependent on current international travel regulations and mandates in the U.S. and individual countries of residence.
  • Increased physical distancing will be encouraged in all areas.
  • EAA is adding significant numbers of sanitizing facilities and working with industry-leading companies for continual disinfection throughout the grounds.
  • Theater In The Woods, forums pavilions, and other outdoor venues will operate with reduced seating capacity, with social distancing opportunities on the open grounds at that location.
  • There will be fewer exhibitors in each indoor exhibit building, creating more walkways and separation between exhibitors. Additional venues on the grounds are being repurposed to accommodate indoor exhibitors that are moved this year.
  • Wherever possible, ventilation will be increased in tents and indoor facilities.
  • Several annual events where physical distancing is not possible will not be held this year, including the Monday night concert, the Young Eagles, EAA Lifetime Member, and International Visitors dinners; the Runway 5K run/walk, and large corporate events and receptions.
  • High-demand forums and presentations will be scheduled more than once to accommodate demand while allowing for distancing.