Bucks New University Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training Cessna 152 Booker EGTB

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Buckinghamshire New University Air Transport With Commercial Pilot Training:

This is a video that my father and I have put together, of the first Licensed flight, after gaining my Private Pilots License.

I am currently training to be a commercial pilot, through the Buckinghamshire New University programme (BSc Hons Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training).

I am currently studying for my ATPL theory, and after that I plan to complete my Commercial Pilots License (CPL) and my Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR), Multi Crew Co-operation Course (MCC) and finally my dream would be to get type rated on the 737 NG.

I am still currently weighing up all the pros and cons of different places to complete the latter part of my training.

I hope you enjoy the video, and their will be many more coming, throughout my flying career.

The Music Is Owl City – On the Wing

I do not own any part of the soundtrack, and I am not trying to portray in any way that I use this video for any other purposes other then Education of Aviation

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