can commerce students do pilot training

Willing to become a pilot is a dream for many, regardless of science or commerce students.

But did you know the pilot training is not only restricted for commerce students?

In general, people have no concept of pilot training and the aviation field.

Did you ask someone who does not know aviation about can commerce students do pilot training?

I can assume the answer was you need to have Physics and Maths in your high school for pilot training.

I know because I have been there too.

That is the most common answer.

Nevertheless, in this article, I explain how can a commerce student start their flight training. Likewise, all the difficulties for student pilots coming from non-science backgrounds.

Is commerce students eligible for pilot training?

Yes, commerce students are eligible for pilot training. The truth is there is no such requirement that you need to have a science background to obtain pilot licenses.

You will learn to fly an airplane, not become a scientist.

No wonder when I passed my 10th grade, someone told me to pick Physics and Mathematics as my high school subjects.

I intended to be a pilot since before 10th grade. Accordingly, with my determination, I didn’t think twice before choosing physics and mathematics for my high school studies.

But as I am a pilot today, I understood having physics and mathematics in my high school helped.

However, no flight school has such a requirement that the potential student pilot needs to study physics and mathematics.

Anyone from commerce background, or non-science subjects in their high school can enroll in a flight school.

As long as the student completes his 12th grade, he is eligible for pilot training.

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Can I become a pilot without physics?

Having general knowledge of physics will help you to grasp pilot training studies, however having physics is not a requirement.

Thus you can become a pilot without physics.

A student pilot learns everything crucial for conducting safe flights in the pilot training ground classes.

Understand the laws of physics will aid you to grasp few factors of aviation quicker. A student from commerce might take a bit longer to grasp vs. a student with knowledge of science.

However, you do not have to einstein to become a pilot. Only fundamental physics and mathematics is necessary in pilot training.

As a professional pilot, you will have to learn and remember various subjects in the aviation area. Most of it, you will learn from pilot training ground school and experiencing actual flights.

Is flight training difficult for non-science students?

I believe anything is achievable with hard work. And flight training is not rocket science. It merely is flying the airplane and landing it safely each time.

Hence it is not a difficult job to learn, but it is more like the ability to take responsibility. Ensuring safety is the priority for all pilots.

I want to mean that by studying hard during your pilot training, anyone can become an incompetent pilot regardless of which subject they chose in their high school.

Non-science students can become pilots too, as I mentioned earlier, and can build him/herself as a superior pilot.

On the contrary, science students may turn into a lousy pilot due to a lack of hard work.

In any professional field, individuals have to work hard if they want to achieve something great.

Flying an airplane is a fantastic profession. But without hard work, you cannot live your dream.

Remember this:

Pilot training is not difficult for commerce or non-science students. A high school graduate with commerce, might find some stuff in pilot training ground school a bit complicated.

But those complications can be fixed by talking to the ground instructors.

You can solve little confusion during ground classes cooperating with fellow student pilots, who understood the topic.

The right flight school will have friendly instructors willing to help you with all your problems.

Therefore, it is vital to pick the right flight school for your pilot training.

That will ease your pilot training period massively.