Can pilots have tattoos?

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can pilots have tattoos - Can pilots have tattoos?

Either you are an aspiring pilot or advancing for your first airline interview, having a tattoo on your wrist will create uncertainties.

Well, the confusion is evident because, typically, having tattoos is not expected for pilots.

Some may say that having a tattoo is not an obstacle at all, and some may find having tattoos is prohibited for aviators.

I have discussed in this article why we should not have tattoos as a pilot, similarly why it is not prohibited.

Pilots can have tattoos like any other professionals, but the distinctness of a pilot’s tattoo does raise questions.

Can pilots have tattoos?

Yes, pilots can have tattoos. Even an airline pilot can have a tattoo, but having visible tattoos as a pilot is discouraged.

Having visible tattoos might not be a problem if you are a general aviation pilot.

However, in airlines having visible tattoos as a pilot might bring up issues.

I don’t have any tattoos, but I have seen a few pilots having tattoos.

Yet they work in airlines.

How can a pilot with tattoos work in the airlines?

Pilots working in the airlines must not have any visible tattoos. Even if a pilot has arm tattoos, they prefer to hide it by wearing full sleeves uniform.

So understand this having a tattoo as a pilot means you have to commit yourself for a lifetime in wearing full sleeves at your workplace.

That is not the real problem.

The predicament is during an interview with an airline. Your interviewer might ask you whether you have any tattoos or not.

At this point, you must not lie to the interviewer. Because at some point, they will find out you have tattoos.

Regardless of your tattoos are visible or not, giving them the true answer is the right thing to do.

Hiding body tattoos is easy, but tattoos on arms are difficult to cover.

Remember this, some airlines have strict rules, and you may not get the job just because of having tattoos.

Even a very qualified pilot may not land the job in an airliner cockpit merely for having tattoos. These tattoos might be visible or unnoticeable.

Not all airlines have strict regulations on tattoos, but most of them do not want to hire pilots with tattoos.

Therefore if you are a commercial pilot and have a dream of working in an airline, do not get any tattoos. At least wait until you operate in an airliner before drawing a tattoo of your favorite airplane on your arms.

Is general aviation strict on tattoos?

A pilot willing to work in the general aviation or to fly for recreation will not have any trouble for having tattoos.

I say that because, in general aviation, a pilot will not have to face hundreds of passengers frequently. Thus lesser chances of people judging a pilot by their tattoos.

Likewise, the Civil Aviation Body does not have any regulation that prohibits a tattooed person from acquiring a pilot license.

Why can’t pilots have tattoos?

Many people consider tattoos as not professional. On the contrary, airline pilots are a symbol of professionalism and responsible person.

I am not saying every human being on earth with a tattoo is irresponsible. I know several tattooed person and they are the most humble and kindest person I ever met. Thay can be responsible and better than many other individuals.

However, not everyone thinks like me. People today are very judgemental and immediately asses a person merely by looks.

Many people that travel by air might associate a tattoed person with a different kind of lifestyle.

Strange pictures reflect in a persons mind when they see a tattoed person.

Millions of people travel by air, and thousands of them are in the airport. It is unlikely for one of your passengers not to judge you just by your appearance.

Among the many diverse people in the airport, at least one person will see a pilot with visible tattoos adversely.

What are my opinions about tattooed pilots?

I find it is so cool to have tattoos and, at the same time, be a responsible pilot.

But another individual probably a senior citizen may look at a pilot with tattoos and fear that this guy cannot be a good pilot.

I am merely giving an example, so don’t take it seriously.

Thus airlines, to build an excellent image, they prefer pilots not to have visible tattoos. So, indeed during an interview, you may prove yourself qualified to work in the airlines, but they may pick another applicant to give your position with similar qualifications like you.

Thus do you think getting tattoos over getting an airline job is necessary?

Only you can answer this question. Everyone’s answer will be different depending on individual goals in the aviation industry.

If you believe having a tattoo is more mattering, then it is your decision, and I must not judge you for that.

But if you intend to work in the airliner cockpit, make sure your tattoos are not visible.

Or get a tattoo that can be covered by your pilot uniform.

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