Cessna 208 Caravan Crash In Hawaii

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Cessna 208 Caravan Kalaupapa, Hawaii Injuries: 2 Minor The pilot of the traveler plane reported that she was mosting likely to develop a strategy as well as touchdown on path 05 at an airport terminal with a solitary path and also no taxiways. While on a 7-mile last, she interacted with the pilot of an aircraft that got on brief last for the exact same airport terminal. The pilot that got on brief last reported that he would certainly report when he was free from the path, as well as he did. The traveler pilot recognized the various other pilot’s clear-of-runway transmission and also started the technique. As the pilot started the change to land, she discovered that the plane that she had actually interacted with was unclear of the path. The aircraft on the ground was near the path 23 numbers with the prop transforming encountering towards her touchdown plane. She terminated the touchdown, yet the plane did not climb up. The plane affected the path difficult as well as jumped. She reported that, when the aircraft touched down after the bounce, she “used left tail pedal to guide the airplane off the path and also off the beaten track of the various other airplane’s feasible trip course.” The aircraft left the left side of the path and also ground-looped to the. The aircraft suffered significant damages to the ideal side of the body and also the extreme right. Markings on the path reveal the prop struck the path several times in a reduced pitch arrangement prior to it came to be feathery. After the groundloop, the pilot of the plane near the path 23 numbers tried to remove. He was spoken to by means of radio transmission by the flight terminal supervisor as well as informed that the path was shut up until more notification. According to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) security assessor, the FAA’s postaccident evaluation of the crash aircraft established that there were no preimpact mechanical abnormalities with the aircraft that would certainly have protected against regular procedure.

Probable reason(s): The pilot’s attempted aborted touchdown late in the touchdown series due to the fact that she saw an additional aircraft on the path encountering her with its prop transforming, which led to a difficult touchdown, a succeeding loss of directional control, as well as ground loophole.

Keep in mind: The record republished below is from the NTSB and also is published verbatim as well as in its total kind.

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