Cessna SkyCourier Delivered to FedEx

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Cessna SkyCourier Delivered to FedEx

FedEx has actually taken shipment of the very first Cessna SkyCourier. The plan service provider has actually positioned a preliminary order for 50 of the airplanes, which will certainly offer FedEx’s across the country distribution system. Throughout the years the firm has actually taken shipment of thousands of single-engine Cessna Caravans, which it will certainly remain to utilize. The SkyCourier is extra aircraft than the Model 208 Caravan in nearly every means. With a set of 1,100-shp Pratt & & Whitney PT-65SC turboprop engines, the SkyCourier, marked the Model 408 (two times the Caravan) can travel at about 200 knots with around 6,000 extra pounds of haul, in addition to the capability to lug palletized freight, which the Caravan can not. As well as with a series of approximately 900 nm, the SkyCourier opens much longer courses, as well.

Established together with FedEx over a duration of years, the SkyCourier has to do with as near a tailored airplane in private production as we understand of. That will certainly not, we anticipate, avoid the aircraft from ending up being a preferred system for various other freight haulers, along with for short-haul charter as well as airline company consumers.

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