Commercial Airline Pilot Education Requirements – All you need

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This video will discuss Commercial Airline Pilot Education .

Public education requirements consist of a High School Diploma followed by a 4 year degree from an accredited university. Three is no requirement to have a technical degree. In fact, your degree can be in History or even Psychology and does not have to be in something as technical as Aerodynamics or Physics, etc.

The commercial airline pilot education requirements in the area of pilot training consist of the following. Attain your private pilot's license, followed by an instrument rating and then a commercial rating and a multi-engine rating.

Eventually, you will want to attain a CFII rating. That is a Certified Flight Instructor with an Instrument rating. You can attain all of these ratings at your local airport if they have a flight school. Most do. With this CFII rating, you can begin to teach others to fly and build your hours to 1500 to attain an Air Transport Pilot rating, also called ATP.

With an ATP, you should be able to attain a job at one of the regional airlines flying 35 to 76 passenger jets with glass cockpits. Most of the regional carrier have those state of the art airplanes.

Once you have been at the regional carrier for 2 to 3 years, you should be qualified to apply to one of the major airlines, such as United, Delta or American.

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