Cornelia Fort: First Female Pilot To Perish In Service To The U.S. Military

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Cornelia Fort: First Female Pilot To Perish In Service To The U.S
Cornelia Fort. Image by U.S. Air Force It was certainly a serene early morning. Cornelia Fort had actually gotten up early to take her location overhead over Hawaii. Currently, she and also her pupil puttered around the pattern in a little Interstate Cadet. As her pupil made the turn from base to last, Fort discovered a quick airplane coming right at them. Reactions took control of, and also she brought up greatly. The aircraft blinked by, as well close for convenience. It was after that she saw the plumes of black smoke roiling up from Pearl

Harbor. Birthed in 1919, in Nashville, Tennessee, Fort had not been precisely the meaning of a debutante. She was even more of a gamine, and also at the age of 5, her love of air travel was birthed seeing a barnstormer in a Curtiss Jenny. Ft’s papa had actually made her bros guarantee they would certainly never ever fly. He ignored his little girl as well as really did not ask her to make the exact same pledge, a truth she really did not fail to remember.

In 1940, Fort took her initial flying lesson as well as was immediately hooked. She remained to take lessons with as much regularity as her trainer would certainly enable. By March 1941, Fort had actually come to be the initial women trip teacher in Nashville. She started putting on any kind of trip college she might locate as well as landed a task in Fort Collins, Colorado. She delighted in mentor there yet additionally recognized that the United States was headed towards battle. Ft intended to add, and also when supplied a placement at Andrew Flying Service in Honolulu, where the pupils were primarily armed forces guys pointed there, she leapt at the possibility.

Ft cruised for Honolulu in September. From the moment of her arrival in late September to that eventful day in December, she logged 300 hrs of trip time. After effectively landing her airplane, Fort and also her trainee went to the cover of the large garage, taking care of to stay clear of being struck by the bullets of the airplane that were currently bombing the little area. As she break right into the garage, she informed those inside that the Japanese were striking. They chuckled.

They weren’t giggling the following day. The strike on Pearl Harbor asserted 2,300 lives, consisting of that of Bob Tyce, a trainer at the very same institution, that had actually been eliminated after landing his Cabin Waco. Upon examining her bullet-riddled Interstate Cadet, Fort recognized she had actually directly run away the exact same destiny.

She additionally understood her days of flying over Hawaii were done, at the very least for the time being, so she reserved flow residence. Still established to add to the battle initiative, she signed up with the Civil Air Patrol, and also as the tale of her experience on Dec. 7 spread, she started exploring to offer battle bonds.


Ft desired to do even more, as well as on Sept. 6, 1942, that opportunity came. She was provided a setting in the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron as well as happily approved, ending up being the 2nd to sign up with. She was quickly based in Long Beach, California, and also took a look at in the BT-13. Shuttling objectives started quickly after.

These shuttling goals were to take an awful turn. On March 21, 1943, Fort was flying in a team of both women as well as male pilots, transferring BT-13s from Long Beach, California, to Dallas, Texas. Over Texas, her aircraft hit one more, breaking short 6 feet of leading side. Her aircraft collapsed and also went into an irreparable dive, eliminating Fort quickly. The various other aircraft securely landed.

Nobody truly recognizes for certain what occurred that day. Some claim that Fort was at mistake, attempting close development flying that was restricted. Still others claim that the pilot of the various other aircraft was claiming to dogfight Fort, making close passes to her airplane and afterwards bring up.


Ft was the very first women pilot to die in solution to the U.S. Military. In a letter to Fort’s mom, the shuttling solution leader, Nancy Harkness Love, composed, “If there can be any type of soothing idea, it is that she passed away as she intended to– in an Army Airplane, as well as in the solution nation.” Cornelia’s very own words showed that belief: “I am thankful that my one ability, flying, worked to my nation.”

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