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Cost For Your Helicopter Pilots . So you want to become a Helicopter Pilot? We can help you with that! We have been helping people attain their helicopter ratings for over 10 years!
Fort Wayne Helicopters Launches Online Helicopter Ground School

March 14, 2012 — In an effort to enhance the training experience of its students and helicopter students worldwide, Fort Wayne Helicopters recently launched its Online Helicopter Ground School. "We have spent a lot of time interacting with our customers and using their feedback to create a great online training platform. The response from our clients has been awesome thus far", says Kenny Keller, the owner of Fort Wayne Helicopters and developer of the online ground school.

Online Helicopter Ground School Benefits:

· Over 10 hours of Video
· Comprehensive Helicopter Ground Training available over the Internet 24/7
· 10 modules of training divided into several different sections
· Helicopter Training you can view when it fits your schedule!
· New content being added daily

The first series of Online Helicopter Ground Training is geared for check ride preparation.

We are adding specific projects for the Robinson R-22, Schweizer 300 & Bell Jet Ranger in addition to the Enstrom Helicopter!

There are to big things when learning how to fly helicopters! Number one is The Flying! That's the fun part! The not so fun part! The ground school!

Common problem with flight schools, you may be getting great instruction in the aircraft, but many times the ground instruction may not be so good! With alot of places, that is just simply the case!

So what are we offering? Helicopter Online Ground Training. The idea is to give you training that's available in your own home, or anywhere for that matter. Training to help you with your path to becoming a Helicopter Pilot!

We currently have 10 modules of Audio Video Training. We have just added MP3 Files for each module as well. You can watch the videos, you can also download the audio files and take them with you, to listen while driving, etc.

Each of the 10 modules have 3 sections each usually between 15 to 20 minutes long. Great for absorbing the material each day! If you can just find some time for a section of training each day, you could be amazed at the wealth of knowledge you will have attained in that 30 days!

You can go back and review any part of the training at any time that works for you! As many times as you need to! Our training can be used for initial familiarization, check ride preparation, flight review prep, or just a refresher anytime you want to review to stay fresh!

We will be continually updating and adding to our current presentation!

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