Dynon Gets Autopilot Approval For Beechcraft Model 36

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Dynon got the good news earlier this week that it had earned FAA approval for its autopilot in the Beechcraft Model 36 series singles (36, A-36 and B-36 models) as part of its SkyView HDX avionics system. The certification, Dynon told Plane & Pilot, took longer than anticipated as a result of pandemic-related delays, so the approval is welcome news indeed, not only for Dynon but for its customers, too.

The affordable (starting at $4,175) autopilot comes with the needed hardware and servo harnesses. It can be optionally outfitted for three-axis operation, including yaw damper. Dynon’s autopilot can fly instrument approaches when coupled with a compatible IFR-certified navigator. Also available are autopilot control panels to complement the SkyView system.

Because Dynon had included the certification of its software update (version 16.0) with the autopilot certification, a common practice, the company was delayed in shipping some products to dealers and end users, as we reported earlier. The Beech 36 autopilot certification clears the way for Dynon to resume shipments of certificated products immediately, though production and deliveries of its systems for amateur-built aircraft remain impacted by supply chain issues. 

Dynon says that it’s busy at work on getting approvals for its autopilot in the Beechcraft Baron, the Mooney M20 series and the Cessna 182.

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