Early Winter Weather, Spokane, 5:30 a.m. and The Joy Of Flying!

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winter in spokane copy 640x480 - Early Winter Weather, Spokane, 5:30 a.m. and The Joy Of Flying!


This week’s Plane & Pilot Photo of the Week is from Kayleigh Huth, a dual qualified captain in the Beech 99 and Embraer 120 Brasilia (shown here). Huth, who learned to fly in a J-3 and Cessna 172 and then double-majored in pilot and aviation management at Indiana State, went through Ameriflight/UPS’s Pilot Pathway. She’s been with Ameriflight for five years, now.

Huth told Plane & Pilot, “This photo was captured at 5:30 am during our loading process in Spokane, WA. During the second week of November, we faced loading in the rain almost every day except Thursday. The temperature had dropped to near freezing and the snow rolled in as we taxied the planes over to the UPS cargo ramp. Throwing adverse weather into our daily operations makes our job challenging but quite a bit of fun!”

It’s apparent how much pride Kayleigh takes in her work. “It always makes me smile thinking about how much we go through as part 135 cargo pilots, and how many lives we impact by getting our cargo to its destination. We haul anything from simple Amazon orders to critical medical supplies, and even human transplant tissues or search-and-rescue equipment. You never know what each of those boxes has instore for the recipients. In my mind we haul more than just cargo; we haul dreams, memories, and lives.”

Can we get an, “Amen!” Thanks for the great photo and the inspiration, Kayleigh!

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