Every Pilot Dreams Of Flying Through Fireworks. This Guy Did It!

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How safe is this? Well, if you’re flying according to the regs and keeping 1,000 feet above the throng, you’ll be above the level of most professionally launched fireworks. While some municipalities have airspace restrictions in place, we’re assuming that these videos were captured while everyone was safe and legal. And if you’re wondering what would happen if the plane got hit by a big projectile, it’s almost certainly not going to bring even a small plane down, though it could definitely leave a mark. They’re not designed to explode and destroy but to be pretty, so they pack little firepower. They’re also at or near the top of their journey. But all that said, don’t try to find out! 

With all that said, WOW! The plane, a Cessna 172, is flying over Macy’s fireworks show and New York city this Fourth of July. The first two videos here are spectacular just in terms of taking in the Big Apple during an incredibly important celebration, especially considering the context. We agree. Light ’em up!

The last video shows how cool it is to be right over the top of the fireworks. Again, we’re certain it was all legal. But the view is spectacular. No words do it justice. Enjoy!

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