FAA Holding Inclusive Language Summit

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The FAA is holding a summit tomorrow (Wednesday, November 10, 2021) to discuss its initiative to make the language it uses more inclusive, both for traditional aviation, as well as the drone segment. You can watch the live stream via the FAA’s social media channels: facebook.com/​FAA, youtube.com/​FAAnews or twitter.com/​FAANews.

The FAA, in its Notice of Public Meeting, lays out the case for inclusive language. “To lead the aerospace industry into the next century, the FAA must actively promote values of DEIA [diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility]. The words and language that we use in all communication channels, both for internal and external use, as well as rules, regulations and associated policies and guidance, must match this objective.”

It goes on to explain why the initiative is important: “If any individual employee, contractor or industry partner feels excluded or marginalized because of language or words, the work of the agency suffers and opportunities for achievement are diminished.”

So, why does there need to be a public meeting if the FAA has already decided what it needs to do? Good question. Again, in its words: “Input from a diverse audience will assist the FAA in developing policies, procedures and plans for implementation of terminology that is inclusive in nature in all aspects of FAA governance and oversight as well as in the international context under FAA’s global leadership.”

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