Flight Exercises for the Private Pilot’s License and Associated Ratings

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51V9Y78323L - Flight Exercises for the Private Pilot's License and Associated Ratings

A practical and also succinct overview of the air travel workouts for the plane PPL and also ratings connected with it. Both the JAR and also NPPL Private Pilot's License curricula are covered, along with the JAR Night Rating, the CAA Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating as well as the JAR Multi-Engine Rating. The common variations – retractable undercarriages, tailwheels, variable-pitch propellers and very- and turbocharging- are likewise covered. Topics consist of: The requirements for every license/rating detailed, with the entry-to-training demands, privileges as well as validity/currency of each; Each workout is explained in detail, clarifying exactly what needs to be accomplished and how you can do it; Useful lists and also aides-memoire throughout

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