Flying Asses Through Africa

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Flying Asses Through Africa

An enjoyable and politically incorrect check out aeronautics on the Dark Continent. Charter flying for the Safari market sees some extremely fascinating people as well as not every one of them act reasonably. From time to time there is some weird habits, some of it amusing as well as a few of it certainly not! This text inclusives 150 short stories with whatever from bigotry to nothing short of clinical stupidness. Little moments I am sure some individuals pray would be shed or failed to remember – alas here they are. As I wrote this I began to believe it to be even more of an amateur research in behavior reasoning or possibly a lack of assuming would be an extra appropriate summary. Several of the stories have some solid language much which formed part of the minute. Funny, depressing, ludicrous, or moronic, simply remember these were extremely genuine communications. Appreciate.

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