Flying The Icon: Spitfire

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51priCfca3L - Flying The Icon: Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire is not just one of the most renowned British icons, yet it is probably the most widely-recognised as well as prominent airplane in the history of air travel. For numerous generations it was claimed to be 'every schoolboy's dream' to fly a Spitfire, and also Traveling the Icon: Spitfire aims to provide the visitor an insight right into what that needs.

To mark the 80th anniversary of the initial trip of Prototype K5054 on 5 March 1936, writer provides something totally various from the previously released histories of the Spitfire. Having spent a large amount of time speaking to Spitfire pilots previous and present, going to trip operations briefings and Spitfire pilot training courses, he has utilized his 'expert's' point of view to produce a publication solely on flying this most renowned of all fighters.

With making use of original war time Air Ministry Pilot's Notes, historic flight examination files, modern-day flight recommendation cards as well as pilot's records, this book details how the Spitfire was as well as is flown, and also just what the pilots believed and also consider it nowadays. Consisted of are quotes from test pilots Jeffrey Quill as well as Alex Henshaw, two of the most revered and well-known personalities who flew this icon.

To offer an extreme variety of the competitor's evolution, the versions consisted of comprise Prototype K5054, the Mk.I, Mk.IIa, Mk.Vb, Mk.VIII Mk.IXe/ XVIe, PR.XIX as well as the post-war F. 18/22/24. To maintain with the theme of guide, it is comprehensively illustrated with pictures of Spitfires flying and also pilots in Spitfires. This book is an essential overview, offering lovers the best possible suggestion of how to fly the icon that is the Spitfire!

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