Flying the Line, An Air Force Pilot’s Journey: Pilot Training, Vietnam, SAC, 1970-1979

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41JZja6cv2L - Flying the Line, An Air Force Pilot's Journey: Pilot Training, Vietnam, SAC, 1970-1979

Starting an insightful journey with the 1970s American army, Jay Lacklen takes you on an enthralling journey from pilot training to his surreal, horrible B-52 bomb run during the Battle.

Bringing a fresh perspective to the period, Lacklen demonstrates how the draft diverted him from a potential journalism job right into an Air Force cockpit. He speaks to the reader as an author trying to come to be a pilot instead of vice versa.

Ensnaring you with accounts of bomb runs over Cambodia and numerous episodes of his aircraft on the verge of collapsing, Lacklen explores the darkest minutes of a pilot's life with an author's eye for detail and also detailed capacity.

Challenging subjects are dealt with directly, including encounters with hookers in Southeast Asia, a nuanced sight of the North Vietnamese Army, and also a surprising perspective on the Vietnam War objections including actress as well as lobbyist Jane Fonda.

This is a journey all pupils of the Vietnam War era ought to undertake.

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