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The view: Anticipating flight

The pilot: Douglas Evans

The airplane: 1946 Globe Swift GC-1B

The mission: Social distancing, airplane style

The memory: After a week in self-imposed quarantine, I decided to socially distance myself in the clear blue western sky over Texas. A creature of habit as all pilots are, I interrupted my preflight ritual of fully opening the hangar so as to avoid making contact with a fellow pilot who happened upon my same idea. Looking out through the partially opened hangar door as I’ve never before thought to look, I was rewarded with stunning contrasts—light, shadow, glinting aluminum, and bright blue above. The moment lasted a few fleeting seconds but the memory is forever burned into my pilot soul. Release your inner Charles Lindbergh, the lone eagle of his time, and be not deterred by the social distancing of our day. Takeoff into the delirious burning blue and live life aloft.

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