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The view: October 9, 2016. Sunday morning sunrise at 01TS, Fort Parker Flying Field, outside of Groesbeck, Texas.

The pilot: Jimmy McNaughton

The airplane: 1939 Aeronca 65-C

The mission: Enjoyable weekend cross-country flight and camp-out.

The memory: An enjoyable weekend of flying and a night of camping. First leg was on Saturday, DTN to TXK (1.3 hours for a 56 nautical mile trip!) for a fly-in hosted by EAA Chapter 1582. Left there and headed for 01TS, with a fuel stop at F44. I caught the last hour of a fly-in at 01TS, complete with burgers, ice cream, and some good people. The owner welcomed me to camp out under a big oak tree. The return was via JSO for fuel. And yes, headwinds on the return. I remember seeing ground speeds as low as 43 knots in cruise. Total return time was 3.2 hours for two legs totaling 155 nautical miles. What a fun weekend! 7.2 hours of flying in an Aeronca. Buns of steel!

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