Genesys Autopilot 1

Owners or would-be owners of the S-TEC 3100 autopilot just got some great news. Genesys has added key new software and hardware features that customers have been asking for. Plus, even better, those upgrades are retrofittable to existing S-TEC 3100 autopilots.

The big new addition is vertical navigation, and this update includes both available software and hardware changes to the S-TEC 3100. These include a new, white, backlit display that makes for easier viewing even at less-than-optimal viewing angles, along with an updated bezel design that accommodates the new display and sports an optional VNAV or menu button, though the rollout of these features will not be immediate. Check with your dealer for the details.

In terms of capability, the software update boasts enroute VNAV when the autopilot is paired with a compatible navigator. It will also give mode annunciations and features new levels of integration with the popular Aspen MAX PFD.

The existing capabilities are impressive to begin with. The 3100 features two- or three-axis control (depending on the plane), automatic trim, envelope protection, straight and level recovery, precision approaches and missed approaches, altitude preselect and more.

The cost of the upgrade is $1,495 for the full hardware and software package, though Genesys is currently offering big discount to early adopters. You can find details at