Getting your pilot license in the USA: PPL, CPL and ATPL flight training;

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Getting a pilot license
Learning to fly is fun, but training to get a pilot license is generally quite expensive. For this reason many Europeans choose to acquire a pilot license in America. You can get a European J.A.A. license in the U.S.A. with FlyJAA. This is the official European pilot license. This does not only save you money. Learning to fly in the U.S.A. has the added advantage of the weather being generally more favourable.

All-in-one package deal

FlyJAA offers in the U.S.A., including travel and accommodation. We make it possible for you to get your JAA PPL, , hour building, JAA CPL, JAA ATPL or JAA FI pilot license without you having to arrange everything yourself. We organise your travel, flight training and your accommodation. You can focus on getting your pilot license and enjoy the experience with peace of mind.

FlyJAA is a young international European organisation founded by pilots. Our head office is located in the Netherlands.

FlyJAA was created to meet the demand in the European market: getting a pilot license is not only fun/or useful, but it is also unnecessarily expensive for Europeans. To reduce their costs, Europeans undergoing flight training go to America to acquire their pilot license. It's cheaper, but it involves effort to research the rules and regulations, as well as the risks. For example, company bankruptcy is still a daily phenomenon during the current economic crisis. If your American flight school goes bankrupt, you will find it virtually impossible to reclaim your expenses.

FlyJAA was founded to minimize your efforts to research the rules and regulations, and make the acquisition of your pilot license much easier and safer. You make a single payment to FlyJAA, and everything is arranged for you. We arrange your travel and convenient accommodation, as well as facilitate your flight training. Our partners in America are solid and reliable flying schools. That makes it convenient and safe for you.

How we work is relatively unique in the European market. Our full-service approach makes it convenient and easy for both beginners and advanced students to enjoy flight training in America

Pilot license in the USA (practice – flight training), with

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