Glider Flying Handbook: FAA-H-8083-13A (FAA Handbooks series)

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51Fn1WHqfLL - Glider Flying Handbook: FAA-H-8083-13A (FAA Handbooks series)

This is the FAA's key technical handbook for the needed aeronautical understanding needed to run a glider. It is vital analysis for applicants getting ready for the exams for private, business, or trip instructor pilot certifications with a glider ranking, in addition to for currently certificated glider pilots that want to enhance their understanding. Trip trainers will certainly locate this manual an useful training help, given that it consists of comprehensive insurance coverage of aeronautical choice production, parts and also systems, the rules of aerodynamics, flight tools, performance restrictions, ground procedures, flight maneuvers, traffic patterns, emergency situations, rising weather, skyrocketing methods, and also cross-country flight.

Additionally, readers will certainly find details on towing, human factors, and also the Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) Safety Advisory 00-1, Glider Critical Assembly Procedures" in the Appendix, which covers making sure aircraft airworthiness. Illustrated throughout with comprehensive, full-color illustrations as well as photographs; includes extensive glossary and also index.

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