Gulfstream G-IVSP Crashes In The Dominican Republic

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A Gulfstream G-IVSP crashed shortly after takeoff from Higuero, Dominican Republic on Wednesday and was destroyed when it collided with terrain. All six passengers and three crewmembers were killed in the crash. The jet had just taken off from Higuero when reports indicate that the pilot told controllers there was a problem with the jet, and he attempted to make an emergency landing at the nearby Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo, but never got to a runway. Video from a witness shows black smoke from the site of the crash, which looks to be either on the edge of the airport property or close by.

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The G-IVSP, a luxury private jet that is popular among charter providers for its large cabin, high cruise speed and excellent range, was headed to Orlando, Florida, from the Dominican Republic, a trip of just over 850 nm.

One of those killed in the crash was well-known music producer Jose Angel Hernandez, known as Flow La Movie.

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The Gulfstream, which was operated by Helidosa Aviation Group, a Dominican charter operator, which acquired the jet in 2019. The G-IVSP has a range of better than 4,500 nm and can seat up to 16 passengers.

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