Harrison Ford: A Pilot Who Gives Back To Aviation

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Harrison Ford: A Pilot Who Gives Back To Aviation

As Han Solo, he finished the Kessel Run in much less than 12 parsecs. As Indiana Jones, he discovered exactly how to”fly, yes. Land, no.” And Also as President James Marshall, he flew a paralyzed Air Force One as well as conserved his family members. Harrison Ford isn’t simply a star playing at being a pilot; he’s gained his wings in genuine life.

Born upon July 13, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois, Ford is just one of the highest-earning ticket office A-listers in movie background. Also in air travel, his experiences have actually made headings. While it is simple to consider Ford currently as the guy that has a garage any kind of pilot would certainly covet, air travel had not been constantly a very easy course for Ford. When training ended up being as well pricey, he originally started finding out to fly in the 1960s however was compelled to stop. His love for aeronautics never ever subsided as well as, after his luck in Hollywood, Ford once again transformed his eyes to the skies.

Ford began flying once again in the 1990s, picking up from among his company pilots in a Cessna 182. Ford quickly traded out the 182 for a Cessna 206, the plane that would certainly take him air-borne for his very first solo trip. Ford obtained his exclusive pilot’s certification at the age of 53.

Not one to quit there, Ford took place to make his helicopter scores, although this, also, had a rough beginning. While he exercised autorotations with a trainer in 1999, the helicopter was not able to recuperate power after the fast decrease in elevation. Ford as well as his teacher were able to prevent significant injury. Ford took place to attain his helicopter ranking as well as bought a Bell 407GX helicopter in 2013. Ford in addition gained his Private Pilot Single Engine Sea, Multi Engine Land as well as Instrument Airplane rankings while adding 2 kind scores.

It’s what he has actually done with those rankings that’s most outstanding. Ford has actually taken part in numerous hill saves with his Bell 407, operating in combination with Teton County Search and also Rescue. One rescue entailed recuperating a shed walker. The walker, upon boarding Ford’s helicopter, quickly threw up, later on stating, “I can not think I thrown up in Harrison Ford’s helicopter!” In addition, Ford has actually offered with his helicopter in the middle of the California wildfires.


Ford has actually constantly utilized his Hollywood popularity to aid additionally aeronautics. In 2004, Ford approved the setting as the Young Eagles volunteer chairman. He offered in the setting up until 2009, directly flying greater than 300 Young Eagles trips himself. Ford additionally flew the 2 millionth Young Eagle trip in 2016 at EAA Oshkosh, taking a 16-year-old girl for a flight in his de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver.

While Ford’s popularity loads his garage perfectly, it comes at an expense. No blunder (or also task of pilot ability) goes undetected when you’re one of the most popular individuals in the globe. In 2015, Ford masterfully landed his Ryan PT-22 on a golf links in Venice, California, instantly making headings. The general public assumption that Ford, as a star, should not have actually collapsed in all is absolutely unjust. In truth, Ford landed an airplane that has infamously hostile stall-spin propensities complying with an engine failing soon after launch. He was hurt yet recouped to fly once again.

Once more, in 2 different events in 2017 and also 2020, Ford made headings, when for mistakenly arriving on a taxiway and also when for going across a path without authorization. For a lot of various other pilots, neither would certainly have generated the resulting media craze, however, for Ford, both cases led to an information cycle. Ford very well possessed up to his errors in both circumstances and also has actually proceeded flying.


Ford remains to utilize his popularity for the improvement of the air travel neighborhood, having actually made a number of journeys to Washington, D.C., to promote for the basic aeronautics area along with acting as a board participant of the altruistic aeronautics company Wings of Hope. Ford has actually additionally contributed funds to The Bob Hoover Academy, a philanthropic company that instructs at-risk teenagers in California to fly. Ford himself remains to fly to this particular day.

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