High Sierra Fly-In 2021 Gallery

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The High Sierra Fly-In 2021 is in books. It was windy, cold, dusty, and there was no Starbucks. In other words, perfect. The event, which takes place on a remote dry lake in Northern Nevada, was home for a few days to 1,000 airplanes, 3,000 humans, 10,000 Onewheel scooters (okay, we’re estimating). But more importantly, it was about the millions of tiny moments that were seen, heard, tasted (again, the dust) or just experienced. The handshakes and hugs and roaring engines. Magic. Two of our shooters at the event, Jim Raeder and Tony Cruz, captured hundreds of shots over the short period that was HSF 2021. Here are just a few of them. Look for our full gallery in the next issue of Plane & Pilot.

Backlit Plane Portrait by Tony Cruz

Backlit Plane Portrait by Tony Cruz

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