How Long does it take to become a Helicopter Private Pilot?

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Learn How To Fly A Helicopter: How Long does it take?
How Long does it take to become a Helicopter Private It involves many different factors! How much time do you have available? How good are you at self study? How bad do you want the rating? Many many things play a part in how long it takes!

Hello everybody, Kenny with Helicopter Online School. I wanted to make a video on another frequently asked question about Learning To Fly Helicopters. How long does the Helicopter Training take? That's a really great question. It's also a big question with many different factors. You can just throw a number out there and say it will take 3 months.
Lets use the Helicopter Private Pilot Rating for an example. It depends mainly on how many time per week you are going to fly. The best seems to be about 3 times per week. It you figure you will fly one time per week that will take a long time. The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of Helicopter Flight Time. The average person takes more like 60 or 70 hours to complete the Helicopter License. Flying once per week will take over a year.
You will not make good progress flying just once per week!

You can also fly to much. If you try and fly everyday you will overwhelm yourself and not make good progress there either. Your Helicopter Flying will get ahead of the Helicopter Ground School.

How long is the Helicopter Flight Training going to take?

It depends on how much time and effort you put into it! How good your study habits are. How good you are studying on your own. How much time do you have available?
If you have family and a job and other things that distract from your Helicopter Training.

There are also weather issues. Helicopter maintenance scheduled and unscheduled. Also be prepared for those times and still go in for Helicopter Ground School. There are so many factors in involved in…

How long will it take.

You can't really nail that down unless you know for sure how much time per week you can commit to Helicopter Flying. And how much time you can commit to self study.
Do you have all the funds available? That's holds most people back. It took me 4 years to go from off the street to Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor! I had to keep stopping to find more money. Money seems to be the issue for most all of us. That's just the way it is.

Hope that helps. Thanks for sending in the questions. If you enjoy this post or it helps you out! Please like and share below and feel free to leave comments as well. Thanks for stopping by!
How Long does it take to become a Helicopter Private Pilot?
Learn How To Fly A Helicopter: How Long does it take?

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