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Inflight Data Merges as ForeFlight Acquires CloudAhoy


It’s rare to find a pilot these days who doesn’t rely on a digital service for their flight planning, management, or debriefing. Often that means using multiple platforms—until now. 

ForeFlight, a Boeing Company, has announced its acquisition of CloudAhoy, a debriefing software provider.

According to a post on the ForeFlight blog, the acquisition was completed in response to “customer desire for more integrated digital solutions.”

ForeFlight, established in 2007, is one of the most widely used weather briefing and flight planning and management tools.

CloudAhoy, created in 2011, provides post-flight debriefing, analytics, and flight operations quality assurance software products. CloudAhoy allows pilots to digitally record their flight and play it back to review their performance. The software is particularly useful in the training environment where the emphasis is on meeting and exceeding the minimum standards for certification.

The details of the merger have not been announced.


For more information, visit the ForeFlight blog.

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