Is Top Gun: Maverick based upon the Bob Hoover tale?

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Is Top Gun: Maverick based upon the Bob Hoover tale?

10:34 pm: “It was excellent, however the finishing simply had not been credible.”

This was the message I obtained from my roomie after he left the very best summer season smash hit in a long period of time. Like most of us, the summertime of 2022 was invested seeing Top Gun: Maverick. The motion picture has actually ended up being within both greatly preferred and also beyond aeronautics circles. It has actually come to be the 7th greatest earning film of perpetuity. The testimonials have actually been beautiful, however one review I have actually seen is that the finishing was a little as well tacky, astounding, or “Hollywood.”

Hollywood as well as air travel have actually constantly been a little up in arms. The shrieking suit in between Fred Haise and also Jack Swaggert in Apollo 13!.?.!? A -4 G upside down dive in Top Gun!.?.!? Denzel Washington conserving a paralyzed airplane by flying it upside-down in Flight!.

?.!? All of these are totally made, as well as many people anticipated Top Gun: Maverick to have an aspect of that Hollywood absurdity to it. What if the most extraordinary component of the flick was really based on a real tale?


Is this scene all Hollywood? At the end of Top Gun: Maverick, both Maverick and also his wingman, Rooster, are rejected by the opponent. Incredibly, both Maverick and also Rooster march as well as make it through with the winter months woodland in aggressive nation, slip onto an opponent airbase, take an old F-14 Tomcat and also fly it back to”the watercraft.”Pretty wild,

however as I rested there seeing I could not really feel however aid like I had actually heard this tale prior to … On a chilly February early morning in 1944, the best stick and also tail pilot, Bob Hoover, was piloting his Mark V Spitfire over southerly France when she started to cough. In spite of remaining in the battle royal as ideal he could, Hoover was obliterated by a German Fw 190. Hoover would certainly invest the following 16 months in a German jail camp. One evening throughout a trouble at the camp, Hoover and also 2 various other POWs left. They handled to accumulate a weapon and also some bikes from a pleasant noncombatant as well as biked to a supporting German airbase. At the landing strip, Hoover and also his 2 POWs held a German auto mechanic at gunpoint, advising him to begin the very same kind of aircraft that fired Hoover down 16 months previously. Being a one seat competitor, Hoover took the aircraft (leaving his 2 jail-breakers) as well as essentially flew it like he swiped it back to Allied lines, regardless of not comprehending a word of German.

It really did not struck Hoover up until he was air-borne that flying an adversary aircraft without any method to connect would certainly make him easy marks for his previous wingmen in the Spitfires and also Mustangs protecting the front. As a result of this, Hoover collision landed the aircraft in an area as quickly as he got to the windmills of the Netherlands, as well as was fulfilled by some baffled as well as extremely mad Dutch farmers.

It’s a fish story, informed far better by the male himself in his publication, Forever Flying, and also leaving Top Gun: Maverick I believed there were a great deal of resemblances. After being obliterated, both wind up at bombed/run down army base and also swiping airplanes to attempt to come back house. When flying in an opponent high efficiency airplane, Rooster experiences the exact same quantity of complication Hoover did. Radical humorously parodies the exact same problem of interacting in a taken airplane that at some point created Hoover a lot difficulty he collapse landed.


Bob … Hoover? At initially, I assumed this Bob Hoover link was simply plain coincidence, till I saw the person at. This is a back-seater for among Maverick’s wingmen. His name? Bob Floyd, however unlike all the others with” great “callsigns he merely passes “BOB.”Have a look at those specifications also. Look acquainted? If that had not been sufficient, inspect the last scene of the motion picture … a P-51 mustang doing a snap roll right into a yellow sundown. Old Yeller!.

?.!? So much, no one has actually appeared as well as straight stated the Bob Hoover tale influenced Maverick’s go back to the cinema. Remarkably, the exec manufacturer of the film is a little active recording one more Mission Impossible to be spoken with by a college student to validate this report (when he returns my phone calls, I’ll allow you recognize). If Hoover’s tale is the basis for the end of the Top Gun follow up, it would not stun a great deal of us. Tom Cruise took a lot more energetic duty in the story of this movie than its precursor. Cruise ship is a devoted champ of aeronautics with even more rankings than his plastic can hold. Traveling his individual P-51, it’s not as well improbable to think he’s come across Bob Hoover’s tale.

There are certainly some obvious openings in between Hoover’s experiences in France as well as Maverick’s and also Rooster’s in Hollywood. Tom Cruise as well as Miles Teller really did not invest at any time in an opponent jail as well as Hoover definitely really did not encounter any type of adversary “5th generation” boxers on his method residence. That recognizes? It goes to reveal that occasionally tales in genuine life are simply as essential, outstanding, and also substantial as those produced on the backlots in Burbank; we simply have to go locate them.

What do you assume? Is Top Gun: Maverick‘s tale also comparable to Bob Hoover’s to not be based upon it? Or am I “creating checks my body can not pay?”

Bob Hoover

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