June 2020 Crossword Key

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crossword25 600x600 - June 2020 Crossword Key


    1  _____ M600 SLS, first production plane ever with autoland capability

    4  Requests to identify a plane from the control tower

    8  Aviation engine brand

    9  ___-clockwise

  11  Unit of heat energy

  13  This flying procedure requires a separate exam and rating, abbr.

  15  Acronym for intermediate approach fix

  16  Notice of completion, abbr.

  18  Fail to maintain, as altitude

  19  It’s a factor in price for used models

  20  Propeller noise

  22  Tool to guide pre-flight planning, abbr.

  24  Speed measurement unit for a plane

  27  Highest

  28  Police alert, for short

  29  Useful keyboard to have as a pilot

  30  Abrupt rush of wind

  31  The A in TAS


    1  The P in DPE

    2  Air ____, they can cause a plane to lose altitude suddenly

    3  Edge

    4  Bringing into harmonious function

    5  Raise

    6  _____ shear

    7  Famous British plane from WW II

  10  Rainbow shape

  12  Rainier or Shasta

  14  Enemies

  17  One of the 5 T’s

  18  The L in ILS

  21  Meter that logs flight hours

  23  Flight director displays on the attitude indicator, 2 words

  24  Maintains

  25  Plaything

  26  Area measurement, for short

crossword25solution 600x600 - June 2020 Crossword Key

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