May 2022 Crossword Key

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May 2022 Crossword Key

Crossword Puzzle: May 2022

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= “600 “srcset=” 600w, 300w, 150w, 305w, 1000w, 100w, 1085w” dimensions =”( max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” > Across 1 DA50 RG manufacturers 5 Complex pilot name 8 The UK’s mainline service provider, abbr. 9 2 letters for the 328 10 Popular product for

usage in airplane bodies, 2 words 12 Hazardous accumulation on an aircraft’s outside surface areas

13 Classification of a location for army web traffic just, abbr.


14 It gauges air pressure

16 Gas owners

18 Rushed getaway

19 Fairings around an airplane engine

21 Additive that’s negative for airplane engines, abbr.

22 Amount of warm, abbr.

24 Residence to Pima, Yuma as well as Flagstaff


25 Unlike in an enigma, in planes this does not mess up anything

29 Word prior to Gun and also of Climb

30 _____- Wing: mid-wing monoplane with its wing placed straight to the top of the body

33 Start of a technology

34 Pilots’ locations



1 Audio quantity system

2 Body of an airplane as unique from its engine

3 Categorized advertisement sale, abbr.

4 Grandmother, to some

5 Pilots Hoover and also Morgan

6 Manufacturers of the SmartGlide security energy

7 Hands down

9 Logo design on the Side of a Gee Bee

11 In excellent physical form

15 Number standing for the proportion of the rate of a challenge the rate of audio in the bordering air in which it is relocating

17 Plaything that flies, with a tail

20 Approach of reducing the angle of occurrence on the external component of an aircraft wing to neutralize the impact of engine torque, 2 words

22 ____ air: warm air at high stress, generally from the bypass area of a gas wind turbine engine, for de-icing

23 Coffee container

24 Piper PA-23 name

26 Lubrication liquid

27 Manufacturers of the ____ E1000

28 Away, abbr.

31 Kind of aileron, abbr.

32 Shade frequently indicating threat …
or enjoyable

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