Most Current Red Bull Aviation Stunt Features Two … Cessnas?!

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Austria-based energy-drink manufacturer Red Bull has a point it calls the Red Bull Air Force. There is a freedom taken by calling a staff of BASE pilots, skydivers, as well as jumpers– any person that drifts, flies, or is up to as component of Red Bull’s immensely efficiently self-promotion– an “flying force,” however the label functions. The previous Red Bull Air Races, as an example, would certainly drop under the marketing umbrella of the Red Bull Air Force.

An upright feat entailing 2 diving Cessna Skylanes and also a mid-air swap of pilots? Possibly Red Bull really did not see exactly how useful the dependable 182 has actually ended up being to owner-pilots and also flying clubs.

They’re going for it, and also they desire you to tune in. The pilots will certainly be Luke Aikins as well as Andy Farrington, and also they’ve outfitted each Skylane stomach with a substantial dive brake. Red Bull mentions the feat will certainly start from 14,000 feet which the airplanes will certainly keep concerning 140mph in “integrated” dives while the pilots departure, cross airborne as well as occupy piloting each various other’s airplane.

Latest Red Bull Aviation Stunt Features Two... Cessnas?!

While Red Bull proclaims the feat a”globe initially … 10 years planned, “it is not without criterion. Also the earliest barnstormers done air-to-air transfers. Concerning twenty years back, X-Games champ and also MTV individuality Troy Hartman as well as pilot Robert Scott declared the “very first plane-to-plane skydive,” in which a Piper Pacer was kept in an upright dive using drag chute. Do not fail to remember the opening series of the 1995 James Bond movie Goldeneye, when stuntman B.J. Worth cruised from a motorbike, off a high cliff, right into a diving Pilatus Porter.

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