nbaa virtual

The National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA), which called off its 2020 event, which had been scheduled to start today in Orlando, Florida, will instead host a virtual event it is calling VBACE. The organization, which represents the business aviation community, will hold the virtual gathering from December 2-3, 2020. Attendance will be free for NBAA members and their invitees, and others who wish to attend can register for a fee.

There should be plenty to recommend it, too. The event, NBAA says, will include “over 200 virtual 3D exhibit booths, two keynotes, press conferences, education sessions and more.” We’re especially intrigued by the idea of the 3D exhibit booths.

The whole thing is fascinating, but we wonder how the event will translate into the Zoom culture of 2020. NBAA is typically a business attire show, complete with ties, and suits and nice shoes. We don’t know how many attendees will be putting on the Ritz for the event, but we can’t wait to find out. 

More importantly, it will be fascinating to see how the whole thing works. Under longtime president Ed Bolen, NBAA puts spectacular events, so expectations will be high. The event has historically been one where members of the business aviation community can go to teach and learn, to sell and to learn, to inspire and to be inspired. Doing that all online is a tall order, but the community has been through some hard times and come out stronger than before every time. 

Exhibitor registration begins this week, and attendees can sign up starting on October 23. See you there