NTSB Investigating Last Week’s Puzzling Crash Of Challenger Near Lake Tahoe, Nevada

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The NTSB is investigating the crash of a Challenger 605 jet in Truckee, California, as it was coming in to land at Tahoe-Truckee airport. The jet crashed on a golf course in a heavily wooded area. All six aboard were killed in the crash.

Thankfully, the aircraft, as it descended at very high speed into terrain, missed hitting a school bus that was driving very close by. A remote cam—the video is shown below—captured a yellow school bus driving by. The driver reported that the plane crashed about 50 feet from the bus, and he had to back the bus up to get away from the blaze. Regardless, all aboard this school bus were safe, although it must have been a traumatic sight, one that would be hard to unsee.

One of the pilots of the Challenger checked in with the tower controller, who subsequently cleared the plane to enter downwind for Runway 11 or left downwind for Runway 29. The controller subsequently cleared the jet to land on Runway 11, with a note that the wind was calm.

“Cleared to land, 605TR,” were the last words from the flight. Soon after, the pilot of an aircraft waiting to depart reported seeing a fire, which would turn out to have been ignited when the Challenger crashed short of the airport on a local golf course.

Numerous firetrucks arrived on scene shortly after the crash and were able to extinguish what was still a small blaze, testimony of the great work first responders did. The conditions around the Lake Tahoe area are extremely dry, and wildfires are a constant threat.

The NTSB is investigating the crash.

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