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Thomas Herrod understood he intended to fly when he was an eleven-year old boy. By the time the United States got in World War II in December of 1941, Herrod had actually already logged over 2 hundred trip hours before becoming an Army Air Corps cadet. "One Pilot's Life" chronicles Herrod's air travel profession, from his armed forces solution to his successful organisation endeavors. Frequently a parallel exists in between his army solution and peacetime occupations. Flying armed forces freight over the treacherous skies of the Himalayas, offered Herrod trip experience that would offer him well in various other aeronautics endeavors. As a young pilot throughout World War II, Herrod flew for the Air Transport Command, carrying armed forces products from Assam, India, over the Himalayan "Hump" right into China. The procedure was the first twenty-four hour airborne supply line in history, as well as one of the most unsafe. Pilots flew at high elevations over the world's highest hills in unpredictable and also severe weather condition. The harmful trip left a path of damaged airplanes as well as dead pilots across the Himalayan slopes. Herrod delivered more than freight throughout the battle. He flew medical facility airplanes, transporting injured soldiers from behind firing line under heavy fire. As well as like many young professional pilots, he entered into problem on his own as well, practically losing his military occupation for carrying out a slow-moving roll around one more aircraft during a training workout. Armed forces service also used Herrod educational and also administrative skills he transferred to civilian life. Herrod educated bombardiers in Victorville, California, as well as worked as a B-25 trip instructor in Columbia, South Carolina, prior to being designated to fly the Himalayan "Hump". After his sixty-five big salami from India to China (a journey lots of pilots never ever returned from), he set up a China-Burma-India program for Rocket Airlines in Karachi that provided the B-29s that were bombing Japan. He additionally acquired airline experience when the military lent him to Eastern Airlines to fly government contract flights from Miami to Natal, Brazil. Herrod took his armed forces experience as well as applied it first to thirteen years in the agricultural splashing as well as chemical business, providing agricultural solutions by both single and also multiple engine aircraft. Upon leaving the farming business in1960, Herrod started his Airline Pilot Training School, where he educated over one hundred pilots that were employed by the airlines. Herrod's nerve, ingenuity, as well as organisation acumen beam through in "One Pilot's Life", making his tale crucial analysis for pilots, air travel enthusiasts, experts as well as entrepreneurs.

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