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P2006T Twin Milestone: Bartolini Air Welcomes Tecnam’s 400th Aircraft

P2006T Bartolini 000373

Tecnam has marked a milestone with the delivery of the 400th Tecnam P2006T Twin to Bartolini Air, Poland’s top flight training organization. The exchange took place at the Pilot Expo in Berlin.

Since its design in 2006, the P2006T has become a go-to choice for flight training worldwide, not just for big schools but also private owners. It’s not just about the looks as the aircraft offers multiengine piston training at a fair cost.

“If you are a passenger of Ryanair or another major European airline, it’s quite likely that your pilot made his or her first multiengine IFR flight in a shiny Tecnam P2006T at Bartolini Air,” said Bartlomiej Walas, Bartolini Air’s managing director. 

With 15 Tecnam aircraft already in its fleet and five more joining in 2024, Bartolini Air said it is expanding to meet the growing demand for its top-notch training. The school provides more than 12,000 flight training hours yearly, producing pilots for major airlines worldwide.


Walter Da Costa, chief sales officer at Tecnam, highlighted the success factors behind the P2006T Twin, emphasizing the company’s commitment to value, low costs, innovative design, and stylish Italian touch. Plus, Da Costa said the Rotax engines make it an environmental leader with fuel savings and lower noise emissions.

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