Crosswind Component Chart – Private Pilot – Lesson 7b

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Cyndy explains how to use the crosswind component chart in order to decide how much of the wind is considered headwind and how much is crosswind.

Spin Awareness – Private Pilot – 3h

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Cyndy explains what is a spin, how it develops, how to recover and where inadvertent spins occur.
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Can a Private Pilot Land a Airliner with an ENGINE OUT?

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A follow up to the segment that is far and away our most popular with almost 2 million views on YouTube, "Can a Private Pilot Land an Airliner?" but this time we pull the plug on one of Anthony's engines to see how he handles it!

Required Equipment and MEL- Private Pilot – Lesson 12a

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Cyndy explains what equipment is required to be operative so you are legal to fly.

How to Fly an Airplane : Private vs. Commercial Pilots

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Requirements and training for different types of pilots. Learn about the steps private pilots must take to become a commercial pilot in this free video.

Expert: Mike Camelin
Bio: Mike Camelin, co-founder of SunState Aviation Inc., has been a pilot for 10 years. His company is one of the country's leading providers of Accelerated Flight Training.
Filmmaker: Madison Paige

Private Pilot Airplane – Communication Procedures – ASA (Aviation Supplies & Academics)

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Gain the information you need to be a safe, competent and confident pilot with this in-depth, comprehensive ground school on Communication Procedures. Brilliant animations, 3D graphics and special effects throughout along with expert instructors and terrific inflight footage make this a thoroughly entertaining and motivating learning experience.

Video program contents: Traffic Advisories; Light Gun Signals; Radio Phraseology; ATIS; Controller Communications; Flight Service Stations; ELT; DF Steer; Transponder. Features an interview with aviator and prolific writer, Bob Gardner. Total running time = 42 minutes.

Here is a 4 1/2 minute sample clip from the Communication Procedures Lesson. It includes a chapter on Light Gun Signals. To purchase the full lesson, click the link below. To purchase the full length versions of all lessons in this series, see our Virtual Test Prep for Private Pilot in either Widescreen Edition, or Blu-ray.

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