Experimental airplane project Scrappy.
Mike Patey’s remarkable Experimental project called Scrappy just before its first engine run.

This week the Plane & Pilot Photo Of The Week is of a plane that doesn’t even have any wings! And it’s also a video of the week. Bonus Friday! The plane in question is Scrappy, a no-holds-barred bush plane project that Mike Patey of Draco fame is putting together from scrap pieces in his show, hence the name. While we get the basic idea, when Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa he probably used some old paint and canvas he had lying around the studio. Same thing here. Just saying. And Scrappy is an absolute beast. The plane is powered by a opposed eight-cylinder engine putting out better than 600-hp and driving a drag boat prop. As we said, insanity of the very coolest kind. Check out Mike’s video, and you’ll get to see not only Scrappy’s first engine run but his process in getting there. The sound is worth it. On top of that, Patey’s description of the way he got there is fascinating and really informative. Enjoy!