Pilot Training – Radio Communication Tutorial

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Pilot Training – Radio Communication Tutorial

The flight training available at is a comprehensive aviation training video designed to help those interested in learning how to fly, student pilots and private pilots. In the course certified flight instructor Brendan Quinn-Narkin takes you step by step through the process of planning a flight and then flying in a Cessna 172 through congested airspace. If you are interested in becoming a pilot and thinking about attending a flight school, this is a great way to get started. If you are a student pilot working on your private pilot license, this is a great way to prepare for your next flying lesson. If you are a private pilot this can help you prepare for your next flight review.

The flight training video starts out in disc 1 with all of the detailed flight planning involved for a flight from the Reid-Hillview airport in San Jose, CA to the Half Moon Bay Airport which is on the Pacific coast, just South of San Francisco. The preflight planning involves gathering information from aeronautical charts and the airport facility directory. Important airport information is collected from the terminal chart including: radio communication frequencies, field elevation and runway information. There is a review of the airspace along the route. This flight involves flying in class D, C and possibly class B airspace. Your flight instructor shows you how to identify different types of airspace on aeronautical charts and goes over the rules for each class of airspace with you. Next, using the Cessna 172 POH (pilots operating handbook) your flight instructor shows you how to calculate takeoff and landing distance and how to perform a weight and balance calculation. Now it's time to learn more about aviation weather. Your flight instructor puts his phone on speakerphone as he calls a flight service station for a standard weather briefing.

Now it's almost time to go flying but first, this flight involves flying in some complicated and congested airspace so your flight instructor provides you with a radio communication tutorial in which he provides you with techniques to ensure that you sound like a professional on the radio.

Next we head out to the airplane and take a look at the Cessna 172 which we will be flying. This starts out with sitting in the cockpit and going over all of the Cessna 172 cockpit instruments. The cockpit tutorial if followed by a demonstration of how to perform a preflight inspection and that concludes disc 1 of the course.

Disc 2 includes the entire flight from Reid-Hillview to Half Moon Bay. This includes the taxi, run-up, takeoff, cruise, descent and landing. The camera follows the flight instructors every move so that you see exactly how to fly a plane. You also get to hear all of the radio communication with Air Traffic Control. This provides you with dozens upon dozens of examples of how to sound professional on the radio.

For disc 3 we get back into the Cessna 172 and fly back to the Reid-Hillview airport. Once again you get to hear all of the radio communication including requesting flight following. The flight takes us directly over Stanford University and we fly directly over the San Jose airport (SJC) while looking down at airline jets below us. As you land back at RHV your flight instructor talks you through his process for an ultra smooth landing.

Go to for more info and to watch additional sample videos.

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