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Piper Delivers First Pilot 100i to Skyborne

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Piper Aircraft has announced the delivery of Skyborne Airline Academy’s first Pilot 100i, marking a milestone in the long-standing partnership between the aircraft manufacturer and flight school. Skyborne, based in Vero Beach, Florida, signed a multiyear fleet agreement for 11 new Pilot 100i aircraft, further expanding its commitment to Piper’s reliable training platforms.

The Pilot 100i has made a recent impact in the flight training sphere, becoming a top choice among flight schools of varying sizes. The aircraft features a full Garmin avionics suite, including the GFC 500 digital autopilot, GNX 375 transponder, G5 standby display, and G3X touch-screen PFD/MFD. It optimizes the trusted PA-28-181 for the demands of flight schools.

Skyborne has gained recognition for training career-focused pilots from around the world and within the U.S. Its emphasis on professional training programs has elevated its reputation, and earlier this year, it joined forces with Delta Air Lines to establish Propel Flight Academy by Delta. This strategic partnership offers students a pathway to a possible career with Delta, complete with financial support options. Skyborne’s outstanding industry reputation and strategic location played a pivotal role in securing this exclusive designation.

Skyborne operates a fleet of more than 50 Piper Warriors, Arrows, and Seminoles. The addition of the Pilot 100i fleet signifies its entrance into the Piper Flight School Alliance. This initiative spotlights leading training programs operating new-production Piper aircraft. Deliveries of the school’s Pilot 100i aircraft commenced last week, with the distribution schedule extending into 2025.


“Piper Aircraft is proud to partner with Skyborne, our neighbors just down the taxiway from Piper headquarters,” said Ron Gunnarson, vice president of sales, marketing, and customer support at Piper, in a release. “Skyborne has an impressive history of training professional and competent pilots using Piper fleet products, and now with the addition of the Pilot 100i, we look forward to continuing to support that legacy.”

Said Dan Peterson, Skyborne’s managing director: “We are incredibly excited to add 11 Piper Pilot 100is to our fleet of 52 Piper aircraft, With these new Pilot 100is, we will be able to continue delivering world-class training to our student pilots. Piper being our neighbor and partner has been extremely beneficial to us both, as we train the next generation of pilots, and Piper continues to provide top-of-the-line aircraft.”

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