Plane & Pilot Photo Of The Week: Oshkosh From Both Sides Now

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oshkosh potw - Plane & Pilot Photo Of The Week: Oshkosh From Both Sides Now
Oshkosh From Both Sides Now. Photos by Isabel Goyer

With EAA announcing that it was canceling the 2020 edition of AirVenture Oshkosh, the world’s biggest fly-in airshow, we wanted to share a couple of shots that show OSH as it was and could have been, and how it will look come July 20th, the date that the show was to have gotten under way.

This first photo is of Wittman Regional taken from the right seat of a CJ1+ on downwind to Runway 18 in October of 2018, so the field was largely empty, a view that Oshkosh attendees who visit from out of state seldom get to see. Taken by Isabel Goyer.

This second photo was also taken by the editor, but from the top gunner’s position of Boeing B-17 Fifi. It shows the AirVenture show grounds with the ultralight strip prominent at the lower center of the shot. How big is OSH? Well, suffice it to say that everything you can see in this photograph, with a couple of tiny cutouts for non-airport, non-EAA properties, is AirVenture. This is what we’re all going to miss this year.

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