Private Pilot Explained

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This video is a guide to the training process of the Private Pilot? Licence, and is not instructional, nor should it be used in place of any flight or ground instruction with a qualified Flying Instructor.The Private Pilot's Licence Explained. Presented by Captain David Hoy who is the Chief Instructor of a major group of PPL Flying Schools takes you on the first steps in this exciting new video which details every aspect of the Private Pilots License, encompassing all that a student pilot will encounter throughout the PPL training syllabus. The Learn to Fly video puts you in the cockpit with one of the UKs most experienced flight instructors and is packed with in-flight footage including take-offs and landings, climbing, turning, descending, stalls, steep turns and forced landings. Learn to Fly is compelling viewing and highly recommended for anyone wishing to obtain their Private Pilots License. Running time approx. 61 mins. Subjects covered


– Cockpit controls & Instruments

– Effects of controls in flight

– Achieving Straight and Level flight

– Climbing & Descending

– Medium Level turns

– Take-off and circuits with ATC

– Finals and landing

– First solo

– Slow flight and the stall

– Forced landing

– Instrument Flying & Navigation

– Planning cross-country

– Groundschool- what to expect

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