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This is a video of two flights I did with one of my private pilot students who is getting ready for his checkride. His aircraft is a DA-40 .

We started out a Falcon Field in Mesa Arizona then headed down to Chandler Airport to practice landings and takeoffs.

The First , the level off is a little on the low side but was still pretty good. The second one he leveled off ok but was slightly fast. The density altitude that day was around 4000 feet so we had and increased true airspeed so we floated a little bit.
The third landing was a soft field landing that was pretty much perfect. The takeoff needed a little more right rudder. You can see him drift off to the left slightly on that takoff. One thing you want to not on the soft field takoff is that you want to call your climb speed out once you have accelerated to it.
Then we headed out for some emergency procedures. Note when I call out he has a fire, he takes to long to react. In this case you should pitch to the appropriate airspeed roll into a 45 degree bank for the emergency descent and then shut everything down through your memorized flow check. Then if you have time go to your fire emergency checklist.

The two emergency landing approaches where slightly high.

The steep turns need to be more aggressive and right rudder is needed in the transition from the left turn to the right turn. All in all they weren't to bad but could be better.
The forwards lip to landing was great. I speeded it up a little to make it look cool.
The last landing back at was pretty good. He was not quite square with the runway when he entered downwind but changed his heading to get square with the runway.

Last landing was pretty good with a slight float from the High Density altitude we had that day.

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