Private Pilot Flight Training, Lesson #19: Instrument (IFR) & VOR Navigation

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 @ 08:00 EDT

Working towards obtaining my private pilot license.
This is my nineteenth training lesson flight (1.3 Hobbs Hour Today, 21.9 Total Hours) with 424 Aviation Inc, in Miami, FL.
My certified flight instructor (CFI) is Joe Ferrera. The airplane used was a Cessna 172R, with tail number N994WW, out of Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport (KTMB).

Today's lesson involved:

– Instrument (IFR) Flying (under the hood)
– VOR Navigation
– Short-Field Take-off (simulated)

*** THIS IS THE RAW FOOTAGE. I have only edited out the pre-flight check. ***
I've left the video untouch so that it can be played in sync with the GPS Track replay that can be found at
The link is provide further below.

To view a 3D Replay of the GPS Ground Track synchronized to this video, go to:

Time Marks:

* Note: I've removed all the pre-flight checklists since that's always the same.

(Click on any of the times below to jump to that particular section of the video)

00:31 – Departure ATIS Information
01:49 – Taxiing to Spot 2
03:05 – TG Comm – Taxi to Runway 9L
03:28 – Taxiing to Runway 9L
08:09 – Engine Run-up Checklist
13:23 – TT Comm – Hold short runway 9L
15:57 – TT Comm – Cleared for take-off
16:21 – Short-Field Take-off
21:34 – My Point of View of wearing hood
45:41 – VOR Navigation
55:51 – Approach AITS Informaiton
1:00:24 – TT Comm – Inbound for full stop landing
1:00:46 – TT Comm – Cleared to land runway 9L
1:06:39 –
1:07:19 – TT Comm – Contact Ground
1:08:34 – TG Comm – Taxi to Spot 2
1:08:54 – Taxiing to Spot 2

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