Private Pilot License Training: Dual Cross Country Chandler, az landing at Sedona

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Sedona Dual Cross Country

This is a dual cross country to scenic Sedona with a current student pilot working on his license. This cross country is the second dual cross country in my private syllabus.

Three cameras were used. One mounted in the front of the cockpit, one mounted on the left side by the back seats and camera on the right was hand held for this flight.

The Cross country flight path of the cross country goes starts at chandler municipal airport. From there we cross over falcon field then follow the Verde River up to the Verde Valley and then up to scenic Sedona.

This day the density altitude at Sedona was over 6000 Ft. there was some wind but it was shifting around and not steady.

Note to student pilots or any pilot who is trying to perfect their landings.

The runway at Sedona has a pretty good up slope to it. When you are landing on an upslope runway, you need to level off level with the runway not the horizon.

If you notice the landing, the student does not level off parallel with the runway and flares much to low.

Make sure when you transition on any landing that when you cross the approach end of the runway, you make sure you look at the end of the runway so you can get the correct attitude for landing.

Also since you are on the left side of the airplane, you need to aim at the right side of the runway in order to keep your landing on the centerline of the runway.

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