private pilot practice test

Student pilots need to practice for private pilot knowledge tests.

With the availability of countless resources online, choosing the right one can be a dilemma.

I shared three private pilot practice tests, that you can use to familiarize yourself with the FAA knowledge test questions.

I listed the free resources and the paid courses. All of these courses will help you to assume:

  • The type of questions you will see in the actual test;
  • How to answer all the questions correctly within the time limit to pass the exam.

In short, paid courses are always the best to prepare for the exam, and I will tell you the reason at the end of this article.

But first, let’s see the free courses that you can find online.

Exams 4 Pilots is an online tool where you can choose the type of exam you will take.

Student pilots can choose the Private Pilot License exam and decide how many questions to generate questions and practice test duration accordingly.

Immediately, you will see multiple-choice questions with a time limit.

The time limit will be variable depending on the number of questions you choose.

Exams 4 Pilots‘ FREE practice exam is excellent for familiarizing yourself with the FAA knowledge test questions.

Similarly, you will be comfortable with completing an exam within the time boundary.

Nevertheless, merely taking the Exams 4 Pilots’ free practice test is not adequate to pass the FAA knowledge test.

FAA does not publish the questions of FAA knowledge tests like they did in the past. Thus free platforms like Exams 4 Pilots have limited questions for student pilots to practice for free.

FREE platforms have limited questions and they do not update the question bank as frequently as a paid tool. After you take the PPL practice exam in Exam 4 Pilots, you will see a repetition of the same questions, which is futile.

King School’s FREE FAA Private Pilot Practice test.

Like I mentioned:

Free courses are not adequate to pass the real FAA knowledge test.

Similar to Exams 4 Pilots, King School’s private pilot practice test is useful to get comfortable with perfecting the exam without exceeding the time limit.

In King School’s free mock examination, you can choose a maximum of 60 aeronautical questions at once.

King School designed it like an actual FAA knowledge test, unlike Exams 4 Pilots, where you can pick a lot more questions at once.

However, like all other free platforms, King School’s question bank has outdated questions.

Student pilots cannot memorize the free questions and expect to pass the private pilot FAA knowledge test.

These were common before decades:

  • Student pilots memorized the answer to the questions and pass the FAA knowledge test.
  • Students didn’t need to understand a subject clearly.

Hence, the FAA frequently adds new questions in the knowledge test and steers clear of publishing the questions for student pilots.

It is a superb technique to drive student pilots towards studying harder and progress toward being smarter and safer pilots.

Now, it is essential for student pilots that they:

  • Clearly understand aeronautical subjects, so they are ready to answer all types of questions;
  • Don’t rely on FREE tools for memorizing questions answers.

Kings School’s practice test page has a bold warning regarding this concern to prevent students from failing their FAA knowledge test.

Private Pilot Written Test Bootcamp by FLY8MA.

FLY8MA’s private pilot practice test is an excellent tool and it is not for FREE.

I mentioned two FREE training tests for student pilots. By now you may already know why the FREE resources are not enough to pass your actual exam.

FAA discourages student pilots to memorize the answers for the exam. FAA desires student pilots to learn a subject clearly so that they can answer any kind of question from their knowledge.

Paid private pilot practice tests like FLY8MA’s Bootcamp course will train you to answer unique questions.

In FLY8MA’s Bootcamp course:

  • The flight instructors work hard to prepare solid questions and add it to the question bank for the students to practice.
  • Experienced flight instructors add questions that are most relevant to the FAA’s recent questions.
  • FLY8MA’s flight instructors consistently update the questions database according to the FAA’s new regulations that keep student pilots up to date.
  • Instructors emphasize on brand new questions to prepare student pilots for unseen questions.

Pilots who did not take the exam for a long time.

Once a student pilot practice answering different questions from the paid version of FLY8MA’s Bootcamp, they will be able to answer all varieties of questions.

Paid practice test course train student pilots on how to manage time to answer unfamiliar questions without exceeding the time limit.

FLY8MA’s Bootcamp also helps student pilots to understand aeronautical information even more clearly.

It is so common that many private pilot trainees did not take any exam in over a decade.

For such student pilots, FLY8MA’s private pilot Bootcamp is a must.

Figuring out the answer to a unique question takes time and someone who did not take any exam in a long time will likely fail because of poor time management.

For those student pilots, using this FLY8MA’s private pilot practice test will help sharpen their aviation knowledge. Likewise, practicing different kinds of questions will ready them for the FAA knowledge test.

In the long run, a paid version is always beneficial for student pilots regardless of when you took an exam the last time. If you don’t want to take the private pilot knowledge test more then once, then paid tools are the way.

Knowing aeronautical subjects in-depth, and understanding precisely, will benefit you in several ways.

  • You will become a better pilot;
  • Can pass your private pilot exam with ease;
  • Students pilots will be ready for their check-ride.

To become a better pilot, and pass your FAA knowledge test, use an online pilot course together with FLY8MA’s private pilot practice test.