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Thank you for your enquiry about pilot with Qatar Aeronautical College. The Pilot Division of the college has been in existence since the early 1990's, and over the years has steadily grown in line with the rapid expansion of the aviation industry in the region.

We have a modern fleet of 10 glass cockpit Piper Archer III aircraft here in Doha and a further 4 glass cockpit Piper Seneca V's. On our flight line we have 18 dedicated and highly experienced flight instructors along with a further 18 full time ground instructors in our purpose built ground school building.

Our graduates fly for major carriers throughout the Middle East, and all over the world.

We offer a 22 month full time Diploma in Aviation Studies program leading to the issue of a QCAA commercial pilot's license (CPL) with multi-engine instrument rating (IR). Upon gaining flight experience this license is then automatically eligible for upgrade to a QCAA Airline Transport Pilot's License (ATPL)(A).

PTD's flight training program is based on the UK CAA's integrated course of training (JAA) and designed to take suitably capable cadets with no previous flight experience to the right hand seat (first office) of a commercial airliner in minimal time.

Our ATPL (A) course consists of 930 hours of ground training leading to 14 QCAA examinations in subjects ranging from meteorology to flight planning to aircraft general knowledge. On the flying side there are a total of 186 hours of flight training in both single-engine and multi-engine piston aircraft. A further 53 hours of training are conducted in the college's flight simulators.

Along the way there are 6 flying progress tests starting with basic aircraft handling and concluding with the highly demanding QCAA multi-engine instrument rating flight test.

The ATPL course is concluded with a 3 week Jet orientation and Multi-crew co-operation course in the college's Jet simulator. By this point our freshly graduated cadet is ready for type training with an airline. Typically an entry level aircraft would be the Airbus A320.

Prior to joining PTD for the ATPL (A) course all applicants are required to have demonstrated a sufficient level of Maths, Physics and English language to be able to undertake the course. For those who need it we have a foundation program available here at the college. There is also a training risk assessment test to determine each applicant's hand/eye coordination and suitability for pilot training also conducted here at the college.

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